Funkmikrofonmikrofon Set JA-U8870

Funkmikrofonmikrofon Set JA-U8870
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Professionelles Funkmikrofon Set JA-U8870 Professionelles Funkmikrofon Set JA-U8870... mehr
Produktinformationen "Funkmikrofonmikrofon Set JA-U8870"

Professionelles Funkmikrofon Set JA-U8870

Professionelles Funkmikrofon Set JA-U8870

Detailed Product Description

wireless microphone,uhf wireless microphone,uhf microphone,
Frequency Range:614-806MHZ

wireless microphone,uhf wireless microphone,uhf microphone,Infrared Wireless Microphone,Dual Channel Wireless Microphone


UHF band (614-806 MHz) frequency with 200 manually adjustable frequencies with PLL synthesized control.
"ACT" (Automatic Channel Targeting) channel set-up technology, only you put the transmitter aim to the ACT LED on the receiver, it can be automatic searched the channel.
Two microphone channels with individual volume controls.
Two Independent XLR Balanced Outputs.
One 1/4î phone jack mixed output.
LCD display panel on transmitters and receiver show RF/AF and Channel.
Rugged 1RU metal receiver chassis.
Operating range up to 100m.
DC 12V adaptor supply power

Specifications† Reference

Frequency Range :614-806MHZ
Maximum Deviation:<75KHZ
Integrated S/N Ratio:≥80dB
Integrated T.H.D.† :<0.05%
Frequency Stability :±0.05%
Dynamic Range :≥90dB

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