Medeli Arranger Pro Series digital workstation, AK603

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  • AK603
Medeli Arranger Pro Series digital workstation, AK603 digital workstation, 61 touch sensitive... mehr
Produktinformationen "Medeli Arranger Pro Series digital workstation, AK603"

Medeli Arranger Pro Series digital workstation, AK603

digital workstation, 61 touch sensitive keys, 2 x 25 watt + 2 x 15 watt
Introducing the Medeli AK603 - a powerful and versatile keyboard that sets a new standard in the middle-class segment. With features inspired by its bigger brother, the AKX10, the AK603 brings all the performance and musical experiences of a flagship model at a more affordable price point.

AK603 has a sturdy cabinet and powerful speakers, delivers modern sounds and effect engines, making it a reliable and powerful workhorse for any musician. Its exclusive German Grand piano sound, highly expressive and stable keyboard, and GrandSuite editing software all work together to provide you with all the practical features and specifications you need.

The Phrase Pad and Break features provide fresh and alternative flavours to your performance, allowing you to experiment with different sounds and styles. While the AKX10 may have a wider range of advanced features and functions, the AK603 offers exceptional value for those looking for a reliable and powerful keyboard.


Keyboard: 61 keys (professional touch sensitive keys PTK II)
Display: Backlit LCD
Max Polyphony: 256
Sounds/Voices: 750 + 50 user
Styles: 280 + 50 user
Music Library: 90 songs • 50 albums
Amplifier: 2 x 15 watts • 2 x 25 watts
Speakers: 2 x 3 cm + 2 x 12 cm
Dimensions: 971 x 390 x 130 mm
Weight: 9.9 kg
Power: DC 15V

Layer/Split: L - R1 - R2
Style Control: Start/Stop - Sync start/Sync stop - Intro 1/Ending 1 - Intro 2/Ending 2 - Intro 3/Ending 3 - Main A/Fill in A - Main B/Fill in B - Main C/Fill in C - Main D/Fill in D - Break - Auto fill in - Chord on/off - Fade in/out - Q.S. link
Style Creator: Yes
Chord Type: 39
Reverb: 32 types
Chorus: 64 types
Effect: Compressor - IFX (24 preset)
Master EQ: 5 types
Mixer: Yes
Sequencer: 5 user songs (16 tracks)
Performance Memory: 6 x 32 banks
Q.S./O.T.S.: Yes
Performance Enhancement: Arpeggiator - Harmony
Audio Playback: MP3 - WAV
Audio Recorder: MP3 - WAV
Score Display: with APP
Assignable Controller: 1 x pedal - 1 x joystick
Pitchbend: Yes
Modulation: Yes
Pitch Adjustment: Transpose - Octave - Tuning
Metronome: Yes
Tempo: 5 - 320 - Tap tempo
Other Control: Touch sensitive - Sustain - Sound edit - Phrase pad (4 x 100 banks)
External Drive: USB (256 G max) not included

Connection: 1 x USB-A (Device) - 1 x USB-B (MIDI & Audio) - Headphone jack (1 x 1/4”) - Input jack (1 x 1/4”) - Output jack (1 x 1/4” L/mono • 1 x 1/4” R) - Pedal (sustain / volume)

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