IBANEZ Steve Vai "PIA" Signature Edition E-Gitarre 6 String - Blue Powder, PIA3761C-BLP

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  • PIA3761C-BLP
IBANEZ Steve Vai "PIA" Signature Edition E-Gitarre 6 String - Blue Powder, PIA3761C-BLP... mehr
Produktinformationen "IBANEZ Steve Vai "PIA" Signature Edition E-Gitarre 6 String - Blue Powder, PIA3761C-BLP"

IBANEZ Steve Vai "PIA" Signature Edition E-Gitarre 6 String - Blue Powder, PIA3761C-BLP

NAME IBANEZ Steve Vai "PIA" Signature Edition E-Gitarre 6 String - Blue Powder
Beschreibung ****Product Features****

- 5pc Maple/Walnut neck
The 5pc Maple/Walnut neck provides tonal clarity and superior attack.

- Rosewood fretboard
Rosewood fretboard provides a well-balanced solid tone with a focused mid range.

- Jumbo Stainless Steel frets with Prestige fret edge treatment
Stainless steel frets boast excellent corrosion resistance. The wide and tall fret-type offers a quick response, good articulation when playing chords and clear tone when playing single notes.
The Prestige Fret Edge Treatment guarantees effortlessly fast playing.

- Alder body
The Alder body delivers a well-balanced bright tone, enriched resonance and sustain.

- DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ pickups
Based on Steve's tonal preferences, DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ pickups are voiced for smoother highs, scooped mids and a more pronounced low-end. DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ pickups incorporate beautiful aesthetics and design elements meant to complement the cosmetic features of the guitar.

- Gotoh® machine heads
Gotoh® machine heads provide super precision, smooth feel, and minimal back lush.

- Edge tremolo
The masterpiece Edge bridge offers exceptional tuning stability, precise intonation adjustment, and playing comfort.

- High-pass filter on volume control (push/pull)
A high pass filter on the volume pot maintains highs at low volumes.

- Hardshell case included
Ibanez Hardshell case gives extreme protection for your beloved instrument.

****Special Features****

- Petal Grip
Exclusively designed for the PIA, the new Petal Grip offers a balanced, contemporary design aesthetic. It’s also meant to symbolize unity, companionship, and interpersonal bonds.

- Magnetic Tremolo Cavity Plate
The tremolo cavity plate is held in place magnetically, allowing for quick removal and reinstallation when changing strings or adjusting the tremolo system.

- PIA Blossom inlay
The newly designed PIA Blossom inlay is gorgeous, prominent, and elegantly imparts Steve Vai’s trademark style and artistic vision.

- Scalloped Fingerboard on 21-24 Frets
For easier high note bending and tapping

- Ultralite Tremolo Arm™ included
The Ultralite Tremolo Arm™ achieved a significant reduction in weight by utilizing Carbon Graphite for the grip, resulting in less interaction with strings and more sensitive control of the tremolo arm movement.

Solid/Hollow Solid
EAN 4549763331045
Farbe Blue Powder
Hardware-Farbe Chrome
Herstellungsland JAPAN
Artist Steve Vai
Serie PIA
Anzahl der Saiten 6
Saiten D'Addario® EXL120
Aktiv oder Passiv Passive
Tonabnehmer Steg DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ (H)
Tonabnehmer Mitte DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ (S)
Tonabnehmer Hals DiMarzio® UtoPIA™ (H)
Schaltung Lautstärke, Klang, Fünfwegeschalter
Weitere Schaltungen High-pass Filter am Lautstärkeregler (push/pull)
Steg Edge
Saitenabstand (mm) 10.8
Stimmmechaniken Gotoh® Machine Heads
Sattel Locking
Anzahl der Bünde 24
Hals PIA
Halsmaterial Fünfteilig Ahorn/Walnuss
Hals-Korpus-Übergang Geschraubt
Hals-Finish Satin Polyurethane
Mensur (inch) 25.5
Mensur (mm) 648
Halsdicke 1. Bund (mm) 18
Halsdicke 12. Bund (mm) 20
Halsbreite Sattel (inch) 1.7
Halsbreite Sattel (mm) 43
Halsbreite Ende (mm) 58
Griffbrett Palisander
Griffbrettradius (inch) 16.90
Griffbrettradius (mm) 430
Bünde Jumbo Edelstahl
Bundkantenbehandlung Prestige
Inlay PIA Blossom
Side Dot Inlay Luminlay side dots
Korpusmaterial (für Solid) Erle
Korpus-Finish Gloss Polyurethane
Komplette Länge (mm) 984
Korpusdicke (mm) 44
Korpuslänge (mm) 452
Korpusbreite (mm) 311
Saitenstärke (von hoch nach tief) .009/.011/.016/.024/.032/.042
Koffer oder Tasche inklusive Inkl. Hartschalenkoffer
Empfohlener Koffer IGB724-BK
Weiters inklusiv-Material Tremolohebel, Ultralite Tremolo Arm™, Multi tool, Innensechskantschlüssel
Special_Feature_1 Petal Grip
Special_Feature_2 Magnetic Tremolo Cavity Plate
Special_Feature_3 PIA Blossom inlay
Special_Feature_4 Scalloped Griffbrett vom 21ten-24ten Bund
Special_Feature_5 Ultralite Tremolo Arm™ inklusive
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